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Potty Training: 5 Mistakes

Ah, dog cleanliness! This is a topic that may seem simple in theory, but can quickly become a real headache. Yet, with a little patience, consistency, and avoiding some common mistakes, you can help your dog become potty trained faster. Here are the five mistakes not to make when potty training your dog.

1. Expect immediate results

The first mistake many people make is thinking that potty training can be done in a week or two. In reality, it may take several months of consistency before you see lasting results. Relapses are more common than you think, so don't let your guard down too quickly. Patience is the key here.

2. Punish your dog for his accidents

You may have heard that a surefire way to correct a dog when potty training is to point out his mess, or even rub his nose in it or scold him when you catch him in the act. . Not only is this a primitive way to communicate with an intelligent animal like a dog, but it is far from proactive. If you catch your dog pottying in the house, then the mistake is on your side, not his. Just clean up and do a better job monitoring your dog and controlling his environment.

3. Not controlling your dog's access to the house

The third easy mistake to make is not controlling your dog's access to different parts of the house. This is essential if you are serious about potty training. In fact, it's one of the most important things to do. The best way to control your dog's access to the house is to keep the leash attached to you. When you can't give your dog your full attention or have him attached to you with a leash, you need to make sure he has a safe, puppy-proof space where he can relax and where you can tolerate accidents while potty training.

4. Expecting your dog to let you know when he needs to go out

The fourth mistake many of us make is expecting our dogs to tell us when they need to go out. As you get to know your dog, you'll be able to anticipate when he asks you to go out, but for now, it's really unreasonable to give him this responsibility. It's up to you to let your dog out. In fact, you can't let it out too often. Ideally, you should let your dog out every hour when you are home and awake, and every few hours during the night 5. Using training mats for no good reason

The last mistake concerns the use of learning mats, also called “puppy pads”. These mats can be useful in certain specific situations, for example if you live in a high-rise apartment or if you have difficulty taking your dog out during the day. However, if you don't have a particular reason to use these mats, it's best to avoid them. Puppies seem to develop a preference for certain textures, whether it's grass, concrete, or your carpet. So it's best to potty train your dog early on on the texture he will typically use for the rest of his life, which for most dogs is grass. If this concerns you, skip this unnecessary step and take them straight outside.


Potty training is a process that takes time, patience and consistency. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can help your dog potty train faster and more effectively. Remember, every dog ​​is unique and what works for one may not work for another. The important thing is to stay patient and celebrate each small victory on the road to cleanliness. Good luck !

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