Let us tell you the story of Tao-K9, the ultimate paradise for dogs and their owners! It all started with the adoption of an adorable border collie named Tao by a dog lover. Between long walks, games and cuddles, a real bond was forged between Tao and his master. But our hero didn't stop there: he quickly realized that all dogs deserved as much love and happiness as his dear Tao.
This is how Tao-K9 was born, a site dedicated to accessories for dogs, inspired by Tao's joie de vivre and his master's passion for our four-legged friends. Based in Orléans, our mission is simple: to make dogs and their owners happy by offering them a wide range of dog accessories, from toys to collars, plush toys and other essential gadgets.
100% satisfied or refunded, without conditions (promised, sworn, spit!)
We do everything we can to offer you quality products, tested and approved by our team of experts (and by Tao, of course!). But we know that sometimes things don't go as planned. If you're not completely satisfied, don't panic! We refund unsatisfied customers, as well as non-compliant or defective products, without questions. We trust our customers: after all, they love dogs, and dog lovers can only be good people, right?
Free delivery, without leash or muzzle
To make your shopping experience as pleasant as a walk in the park, we have implemented a direct supplier delivery method. This means that our products are sent to you directly from our suppliers, without going through intermediate storage. Result ? Less impact on the environment and shorter delivery times, so you can enjoy your purchases as quickly as possible.
Need a helping hand?
Our team is here to help you, whether it's choosing the perfect toy for your dog or answering a question about our products. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to offer you our expert advice (and maybe even a joke or two).

Tao-K9 is the platform you need to please your dog while pleasing yourself. Trust us and join the big Tao-K9 family, where happiness nestles in every corner of the page.

So, are you ready to experience an unforgettable adventure alongside your dog? Join us at Tao-K9, and together, let's transform the lives of our four-legged friends!

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