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What is a LOF dog?

A LOF dog is a dog registered in the French Book of Origins (LOF), which is the official register of purebred dogs in France. This register was created in 1885 by the Société Centrale Canine (SCC), which is the delegated body of the Ministry of Agriculture for the management of the LOF.

A LOF dog is therefore a dog whose origins are known and verified, and which meets the criteria of the standard of its breed. The breed standard is the document that describes the morphological, behavioral and functional characteristics of a breed. It serves as a reference for breeders, judges and dog owners4.

For a dog to be registered with the LOF, both of its parents must themselves be registered with the LOF and belong to the same breed. The puppy must also be identified by electronic chip or tattoo, and declared to the SCC by its breeder within six months of its birth.

A LOF dog is not necessarily confirmed. Confirmation is a procedure which makes it possible to definitively validate the registration of a dog in the LOF after having verified that it corresponds to the standard of its breed. Confirmation is generally done between 12 and 18 months, during a session organized by the SCC or at a dog show. A judge examines the dog and issues a certificate of confirmation if the dog is compliant. A confirmed dog can obtain a pedigree, which is the official document attesting to its membership of a recognized breed. An unconfirmed dog remains registered with the LOF but cannot obtain a pedigree or breed with confirmed dogs.

The benefits of having a LOF dog are multiple:

  • It provides a guarantee that the dog is purebred and has not undergone inbreeding or crossing with other breeds. This reduces the risk of genetic or hereditary diseases.
  • It allows access to dog activities such as dog shows, obedience or agility competitions, or participation in selective breeding programs. This also allows us to promote the work of serious breeders who respect animal welfare and the genetic quality of dogs.
  • It allows you to have a better understanding of the character and behavior of the dog depending on its breed. This facilitates the education and adaptation of the dog to its environment.
In conclusion, a LOF dog is a dog whose origin and conformity to its breed are certified by the SCC. It is a guarantee of quality and reliability for owners who wish to have a faithful and healthy companion
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