Fiche de race : Le Kangal - Tao-K9

Breed sheet: The Kangal

The Kangal is a shepherd dog originating from Türkiye. He is known for his large size, strength and alertness. Its coat is generally dark gray or black with white markings on the chest and legs.

The Kangal was bred to protect herds from predators such as wolves and jackals. It was also used as a guard dog for farms and properties. His imposing stature and menacing bark make him an excellent defense dog.

The Kangal is an intelligent and independent dog, which needs an experienced master to guide and channel it. He is loyal and affectionate towards his family, but can be reserved towards strangers. He also has a highly developed hunting instinct, so it is important to provide him with enough exercise and training to prevent him from escaping or attacking pets.

The Kangal needs a large amount of space to roam and time outdoors to satisfy its hunting and herding instincts. He can live in an apartment if his owner provides him with enough exercise and attention. It is important to feed him a balanced diet to maintain his physical condition and prevent health problems such as obesity and joint problems.

In summary, the Kangal is an intelligent and protective herding dog, suitable for an experienced owner who can provide sufficient space and attention. Its strength and vigilance make it an excellent defense and guard dog.

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