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Practical Guide to Traveling by Train with Your Dog: Rules and Advice

Traveling with your dog can be an enriching experience, allowing you to share unique moments and discover new horizons together. However, when considering taking the train in France, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the SNCF regulations regarding the transport of pets to ensure a worry-free journey. This article will provide you with essential information and practical advice for traveling by train with your dog, while respecting SNCF guidelines.

SNCF Regulations on the Transport of Dogs

The SNCF allows the transport of dogs and pets under certain conditions, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

For Small Dogs:

  • Small dogs, weighing less than 6kg, must travel in a suitable container or transport bag, not exceeding the dimensions of 45cm x 30cm x 25cm.
  • A fixed, reduced rate ticket is required for each animal, regardless of the journey.

For Large Dogs:

  • Dogs weighing more than 6kg must be kept on a leash and muzzled for the entire duration of the trip.
  • A half-fare ticket calculated on the basis of the 2nd class fare is required, even if you travel in 1st class.

Tips for a Successful Travel

Preparation Before Travel:

  • Buy your Ticket in Advance: Be sure to purchase both your ticket and your dog's ticket before departure.
  • Visit to the Vet: A check-up visit may be necessary to ensure that your dog is healthy and fit to travel.

The day of departure :

  • Arrive Early: Give yourself and your dog time to adjust to the station environment before boarding.
  • Pre-Travel Walk: Give your dog a good walk before departure so that he can exercise and do his business.

During the trip :

  • Reassure your Dog: Train travel can be stressful for some dogs. Stay calm and reassuring to help your dog feel safe.
  • Hydration: Make sure you have water available for your dog, especially during long journeys.

Respect Other Passengers:

  • Keep your dog under control and make sure he doesn't disturb other travelers.


Traveling by train with your dog in France is entirely possible, provided you follow the rules established by the SNCF and prepare your trip properly. By following these guidelines and preparing your furry friend for the experience, you can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable ride together. Remember that the well-being of your dog and respect for other passengers are paramount to a successful trip.

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