Le border collie n’est pas un chien ordinaire, c’est le meilleur chien du monde ! - Tao-K9

The border collie is not an ordinary dog, he is the best dog in the world!

The border collie is a breed of dog originating from the borders between England and Scotland, where it was used as a herding dog. Today, it is appreciated as a companion dog, but also as a sporting or working dog. The border collie has many advantages that make him the best dog in the world. Here's why.

The border collie is an intelligent and docile dog

The border collie is considered the most intelligent dog in the world. He has an exceptional ability to learn and a great ability to adapt. He quickly understands what is expected of him and willingly obeys his master. He needs to be mentally and physically stimulated to be happy.

The border collie is a loyal and affectionate dog

The border collie is very attached to his owner and his family. He is loyal, devoted and protective. He loves to please and receive caresses. He gets along well with children, as long as they are respectful towards him. It can also live with other animals if it has been socialized from a young age.

The border collie is an elegant and harmonious dog

The border collie has a noble and graceful appearance. Its body is well proportioned, with a thin head, expressive eyes and erect or semi-erect ears. Its hair can be short or long, smooth or wavy. Its coat can be of different colors: black and white, red and white, tricolor... The border collie has a supple and light gait.

The border collie is a sporty and enduring dog

The border collie is a dog that is full of energy. He needs to exercise daily to be balanced. He excels in sports activities such as agility, frisbee or canicross. He can also accompany his master on his hikes or bike rides. The border collie has remarkable physical resistance.

In conclusion, the border collie (and Tao in particular) is an exceptional dog, which combines intelligence, beauty, loyalty and vitality. He can be the ideal companion for active and passionate people, who will be able to offer him a suitable education and stimulating activities.

The border collie is not an ordinary dog, he is the best dog in the world!

Finally, we say all this with complete impartiality. Tao forced our hand a little, it must be said.

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Tout a fait un chien exceptionnel
J aime tout les chiens mais une fois que l on a eu un border on ne peut plus passer à un autre sans faire la différence

Sylvie Rousselot

Tout est dit Mon Flocon a 13 ans C est un amour de chien maintenant il est sourd je l aime énormément

Martine Marmont

J’ai découvert le border collier il y a qques années…elle sappelait Chipie et elle nous a quitté sans être oubliée..et ne le sera jamais…depuis lors Liloo est devenue ma meilleure amie… ma confidente…

Daniel Danguy

Tout à fait d’accord, tout est dit. Le Border Collier est un vrai Joyaux.


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