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What is a mastiff dog?

A mastiff dog is a dog that belongs to a category of dogs that share common physical characteristics. These characteristics are:
  • A massive head and body
  • Powerful jaws
  • A short or crushed muzzle
  • Long, thick lips
  • Short, drooping or straight ears
Molossus dogs are descendants of molossus, large muscular dogs originating from Greece. They were used as guard, fighting or hunting dogs. Today, they are appreciated as companion dogs, but also as working or sporting dogs.

Molosser dogs are generally robust, muscular, strong and very loyal to their family. They also have a high sense of protection and can be excellent guardians. They need firm but gentle training, as well as early socialization to avoid behavioral problems.

There are a wide variety of mastiff dog breeds, not all of which are large. Among the best known, we can cite:
  • The Great Dane
  • The Argentinian Mastiff
  • The Tibetan Mastiff
  • The French bulldog
  • The English bulldog
  • Boxers
  • The cane corso
  • The mastiff
  • The rottweiler

And No , not all mastiff dogs are categorized dogs. Categorized dogs are dogs which are considered potentially dangerous by law and which are subject to specific detention and movement rules. There are two categories of dangerous dogs:

Category 1 brings together attack dogs without pedigree (which do not have a breed) with a typical morphology: American Staffordshire terrier (Pit-bull), Mastiff (Boerbull) or Tosa.
Category 2 concerns guard and defense dogs. These are the breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) with pedigree, Rottweiler with or without pedigree and Tosa with pedigree.

Other mastiff dog breeds are not categorized, but they may be considered dangerous if they have bitten or threatened a person or animal. In this case, the mayor can take measures to prevent the risk.

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