Our selection at Cernunos

Tao and Cernunos formed a partnership based on the shared passion of providing high-quality products for the well-being of pets.

Cernunos is known for its 100% natural treats.

Here is the pick of the pack.

Flavored sliced ​​deer antler for dogs

4 flavors to choose from!

Tao recommends Cernunos sliced ​​deer antler.

With mouth-watering, natural flavors like roast poultry, grilled beef, smoked salmon and smoked ham, it's impossible for your dog to resist this tasty treat.

Made from naturally shed deer antlers, this product is not only environmentally friendly, but also irresistibly delicious.

Splint-free, it helps remove plaque and tartar and maintains healthy teeth and gums.

Tao's choice has never been clearer.

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Puppy chew pack

1 deer antler + 1 yak cheese + 1 sachet of Yaka'Macher Crunchy 70Gr cheese

If you have just welcomed a puppy into your home and want to give him the best chewing habits from the start. This pack is specially designed to accompany your puppy during his teething period and facilitate his learning.

Chewing helps reduce stress, provides an outlet for energy and even promotes dental health and helps prevent destructive chewing.

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Chew pack for beginner dogs

1 sliced ​​deer antler + 1 cheese + 1 deer antler

This pack is designed to encourage good chewing habits in your dog from a young age, while providing a safe and natural way to chew. Whether they are teething puppies or adults, all dogs like to chew.

This behavior not only allows them to channel their energy and reduce their stress, but also to maintain their oral health by reducing plaque and tartar. The pack provides several weeks of chewing pleasure while preventing destructive chewing.

Tao recommends

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Chew pack for destructive dogs

1 whole deer antler + 1 cheese + 1 ebony antler

This pack is specifically designed for destructive dogs, offering three sturdy, durable treats to keep them entertained and channel their chewing energy.

Made from a whole deer antler, ebony antler and durable cheese bone, this pack helps combat boredom and redirects your dog's destructive chewing into a healthy and fun activity.

Tao loves ++

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Sheep horn

100% digestible

Sheep horns provide dogs of all sizes with natural, long-lasting chewing pleasure that can last for hours. These 100% digestible treats are made with keratin, a valuable source of protein, iron and zinc. To retain all their nutrients, these chewy treats are carefully cleaned, boiled and then dried in the sun.

Tao loves sheep in all forms

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