Photo Competition - SUMMER 2023

Share with us the most beautiful photo of your dog before August 31, 2023 midnight and win one of the three prizes up for grabs.

To win :
1st Prize €50 Tao-K9 gift voucher
2nd and 3rd Prize: €25 Tao-K9 gift voucher
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beauceron dog - Dog harness

The story of Eliot, X Beauceron:

"We found a dog in the street when we were looking to adopt a small dog. However, we did not want to abandon him at the SPA to get another one. So we decided to keep him. We took classes of dog training, then participated in agility and obedience competitions with him. Today, he is 11 years old and fighting against a bone tumor in his jaw. We fight alongside him. When we we found, this dog had known nothing, but today, he has become a recognized champion in the canine world. He truly gives everything for love. ❤️"

Border collie dog - Dog harness

Loki's story:

“He’s a big football fan 🥰”

Rotweiller dog - Dog harness
Australian Shepherd dog - Dog harness

The Story of Tara, Australian Shepherd:

"My name is Caroline. I have health issues and my doctors have warned me that if I don't exercise, I may lose my ability to walk in the long term. To motivate myself to walk, I so I decided to adopt a dog. Today, we can say that she saved my life a little. I love her more than anything. ❤️❤️❤️"

Golden Retriever Dog - Dog harness

The story of Opium, Golden Retriever:

"Being a foster family for the Handi'chiens association, it was very hard to entrust Lover, this adorable labrador, after 18 months spent with him. Even though we knew that he would bring happiness to a young paraplegic woman , his departure affected us a lot. So we decided to adopt our own dog and that's how Opium came into our lives."

Dutch Shepherd Dog - Dog harness
German Shepherd Dog - Dog harness
Dutch Shepherd Dog - Dog harness

The story of Tao, Dutch Shepherd:

"I adopted an intervention dog from the Gueugnon shelter. He is a loving dog, who adores his companions and children. In addition, he is an excellent watchdog."

German Shepherd Dog - Dog harness

The story of REX, German Shepherd:

"We adopted Rex at the age of 18 months through an association. Coming from a breeding farm, he knew nothing about life outside his cage and a small enclosure. He was destined for reproduction. The breeding having gone bankrupt, Rex and his brothers and sisters found themselves placed in different foster families. Rex arrived with our daughter, who is a volunteer for the association. With time, love and patience, our family has grown and we are very happy with him!”

Belgian Shepherd Malinois - Dog harness
Dutch Shepherd Dog - Dog harness
Golden Retriever Dog - Dog harness

The story of Thor, Golden Retriever:

"He was the puppy that no one wanted. The smallest of a litter, he was bottle-fed because his siblings wouldn't let him nurse. He also has a cranial deformity and a small eye which add to his charm, as well as a damaged lip. Nobody wanted him. I looked at him and I wouldn't have chosen another puppy for anything..."

Border collie Dog - Dog harness

The History of Chelsea, Border Collie:

“Very very fearful Chelsea still managed to get up to grade 3 in agility but is still just as afraid of flies and staplers!”

Malinois Puppy - Dog harness

The story of Ubby, Malinois puppy:

"We adopted Ubby from a shelter. His mother was seized because she was used for breeding, locked in an apartment. We met Ubby and his siblings. She was the only one to come towards us, hiding at our feet. Since then, she's been a pot of glue, full of love."

Border collie dog - Dog harness

The story of Arya, Border Collie:

"When Arya was nine months old, she thought she could fly by jumping four meters high, but it didn't do her any favors."

Malinois puppy - Dog harness

The story of Shelby, Belgian Shepherd puppy:

“A real crush between us and Shelby”

Australian Shepherd Dog - Dog harness

Shanya's story - Australian Shepherd:

“Bad start in life because she was mistreated when she was little, Shanya kept a strong character but one of great kindness.”

female Malinois puppy - Dog harness

The history of Supra - Malinois:

"This is a dog that we picked up at 2 months old from a pseudo "breeder". She was very fearful and still is a little, but she has made a lot of progress. Given her behavior, we strongly believe that 'Unfortunately she was mistreated.'

American Bully puppy - Dog harness

Rocket's Story - American Bully:

"This dog, mistreated from birth, was taken in at 3 months and showered with love by our family, our 3 daughters, as well as our Husky and our Malinois. This photo is natural; we did not pose him nor prepared. He just sits often like us... Holy Rocket! At 9 months, he weighs 36 kg of love and agility because he loves tracking, swimming and agility."

Newfoundland dog - Beauty champion - Dog harness

The story of Love Me Render - Newfoundland:

“International beauty champion and young champion of France.”

Golden retriever and cat - Dog harness

Happy's story - Golden Retriever:

“She has her basket, but likes the cat’s basket too.”

Dogue de Bordeaux - Dog harness

The history of SAMOS - Dogue de Bordeaux:

“He loves to splash in the mud, then he gets in the car.”

border collie puppy - Dog harness

The story of U2- Border Collie:

U2 was just obvious, a multitude of signs that told me “it’s him!” His first name, his place of living, the name of the breeder, the date, everything matched! No regrets, an adorable little Youyou🥰

Malinois puppy - Dog harness

Akita Inu puppy - Dog harness

The story of Umeko - Akita Inu

Uméko is a very calm dog, very calm in his head. He loves children, he is easily petted. A good fur ball.

Cavalier King Charles - Dog Harness

The story of Reiko - Cavalier King Charles

He eats everything, it’s very painful! During a photo “test” where a beautiful butterfly landed very close to him, I quickly took out my phone….. he swallowed it in 2 seconds….😬

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Dog Harness

The story of Talyska - Great Swiss Cattle Dog

Taly is a 15 month old “baby” who doesn’t realize his strength and size. A real Zébulon, a tornado at times, but a sweetheart love always in your paws 😍

American staff x Berger - Dog harness

The story of Vatos - American staff x Berger

Vatos and a very good dog with a pig character 🐷 he and protective bocou a dog love 🐶

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The story of Oslo - Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Oslo, hit by a car at the beginning of the year, recovered very well and made a final service with 14 puppies.

Bourbon Royal - Dog - Dog harness - Military harness - Tactical harness

The story of Kinoa - Bourbon Royal

Kinoa is a little dog that we saved thanks to the “dogs, cats and company” association. She comes from Reunion. At the very beginning, she was so timid that we had to hand feed her. That moment is long gone now! She had an older sister Mada who comes from Madagascar. They are inseparable. Brotherly love does indeed exist among dogs too!

Golden Retriever - Dog harness - military dog ​​harness

Raya's Story - Golden Retriever

Raya is an adorable golden retriever, cuddly, playful, naughty, a sweetheart, nothing but happiness since she was with us

chihuahua - harness for dogs

Molly's Story - Chihuahua

Molly called “momo” is a little 12 year old chihuahua full of life, her passion? Posing for the camera and asking for treats afterwards, she has been doing this naturally since she was little, she loves it, she likes being the center of attention, she is a hyper active little dog despite her old age, she is just brilliant and with an extraordinary character.

Dog - Dog harness - Staff - American staff

Lucky's Story - Staffie

My pretty Lucky, 8 years ago, is the little baby, a miracle litter because the mother, Gaïa, who belongs to my sister, had to undergo emergency surgery at the start of her gestation. The babies survived the anesthesia. At birth Lucky was breech, my husband then helped Gaïa give birth to her, when she came out she was not breathing. So my husband stimulated her and she came back to life. My choice was immediately made, it was her and no one else! A crazy adventure then began for us. Unfortunately short-lived, she left us at the age of 5... we were so close... But she always remains in my heart and by my side, every day, she is part of me, it's a little tribute to my sweetheart.

Golden Retriever - Dog harness

Oky's story - Golden Retriever

Don't be fooled by the sad look in the photo. Oky is a dog full of life, happy, always up for adventure. His trick when walking: find the dirtiest puddle or puddle possible and lie down full length. Only happiness.

German Shepherd - Dog Harness - Military Harness - Tactical Harness

The story of Maîko - German Shepherd

This is a dog that I took from a breeder at the puppy show at 5 months old. He was skinny, didn't know how to walk and never ate or drank. He was at the vet for 1 week and took 3 years before he became a very comfortable dog.

Dog - Dog Harness - Tactical Military Dog Harness

Junior's story - Doberman

Junior was part of a litter of 8 dogs. His previous owner did not take care of his dogs, the litter wandered around the village until one of the puppies from the pound killed a person. The court's decision was to place all the dogs in the pound, but an association recovered them, including Junior. I picked up Junior in July 2021, he was only one year old. Junior has been living with me for 2 years now, I have been training him, he is a very sensitive, hyper vigilant dog, I am currently working with an educator "Tonton Croquette" because Junior has had bad experiences with veterinarians, we We are currently working on Medical Training. Junior is very greedy, so training is quite easy because he is eager to learn, receive treats and cuddles. Junior is very very very cuddly, he welcomes my guests with lots of love, he doesn't bark, he doesn't destroy and he is clean. It is a dog which has its difficulties but which also has its qualities. I really like this little Junior! 🐕🐶

Malinois tactical harness - training harness

Lyly's story - German Shepherd

She is a dog who rejects humans a lot compared to her so-called "aggressive" breed while she loves humans unfortunately for fear of other dogs she does not accept their fellow dogs when she gets to know them

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